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Model Search - Babies Under 8 Months and Not Crawling

I am searching for Indianapolis babies to be the subjects of this body of work. Requirements:

Baby must be 8 months or younger and not crawling yet. The parents/guardians must sign a release that will allow me to publish your baby’s name and photographs. Photographs must be taken before June 15, 2016. Photo session must take place in my studio on the north side of Indianapolis. If you are interested in being a part of this unique opportunity in which your child’s photograph will become a permanent piece of art that will inspire hope and happiness in parents of babies in the Eskenazi NICU, please email a photo of your baby and your contact information

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Birth Photography Indianapolis

Birth photography is becoming very popular. Hiring a professional birth photographer takes a lot of pressure off the parents. You don’t have to remind your husband to stop helping you and take a picture. You will be able to live in the moment and concentrate on the incredible experience you are having. It is my goal to capture every significant moment for you: the relationship between you and your partner, your expression when you see your baby for the first time, wrinkly toes, your baby’s first weigh in and countless other memories. I realize the importance of being quiet and unobtrusive so you and your caregivers can give you the best care possible.

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Engagement Photography

This was my fist engagement shoot. It was so fun that I want to say yes! to every engaged couple that asks in the future. I don't do weddings, so I have always said no to the engagements - boy, was that a mistake. I said yes to this sweet couple because they are special to me. The groom is my son's cello teacher, and when I talked to his fiance for the first time on the phone, I was so excited for the shoot. They were so, so cute!! Just look at them!! It made me remember this time in my own life and how exciting everything was. Not that having 3 kids and driving to either soccer, cello, or ballet everyday isn't a blast. I'm just sayin - it was a different kind of fun...

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