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Zoe's Ballet Shoot at the IMA

I have truly enjoyed watching this sweetie pie over the last few years. I've been thinking about why I have enjoyed watching Zoe so much lately (because I knew I would be writing this post - and I hate writing- but it's good for me) and I think it's partly because of her age and partly because she's Zoe. Zoe impresses me so much because she is kind, smart, interesting, confident, grounded and a beautiful, talented dancer. I really enjoyed getting to know her more at our shoot!

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Senior Rep Program

What does it take to be a Senior Rep? You have to be energetic, passionate, and vocal about how much you love your pictures! You need to have the ability to be a cheerleader for Moonbug Photography, through social media and in person. The perks and prizes available to you are based on how many referrals book through you. And you don’t just have to send other seniors, you can earn money for other clients too!

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Gorgeous Senior

This young lady belongs to a good friend from college who drove down from Fort Wayne. I love working with my friends, but they are the most nerve racking for me. Yes, friends and other photographers. I don't want anyone to be disappointed with their pictures. But how awkward of a position would a friend be in if they weren't happy? I don't want to do that to anyone, but I think it would be especially hard for someone I know personally to express themselves if they didn't like the results. So when I post the proofs, I do a little prayer, "Oh gosh, dear lord, I really, really hope they like their pictures." Maybe I shouldn't be publishing my insecurities on the web for the world to read, but these are issues one faces when owning a small business. I know I like to support friends who own businesses. I think this one was a success. We had a nice time and my friend and her family love the results. Yay!!

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