Model Search - Babies Under 8 Months and Not Crawling


Babies 8 months and younger (but not crawling yet)

I have been commissioned to create a series of photographs to be hung in the NICU at Eskenazi Health.

Research indicates that access to art and natural beauty play a positive role in the healing process. "The artists and selections, guided by input from our community and inspired by Eskenazi Health's role in caring for it, represent the diversity and brilliance of our community and will carry forward Eskenazi Health's deep and longstanding connection with the people of Indianapolis. But, most importantly, the Eskenazi Health art program will further enhance positive health outcomes for our patients," said Dr. Lisa Harris, CEO and medical director at Eskenazi Health. "We are committed to creating a comforting environment of health and healing for our patients, visitors, staff and our community, and the selected works of art contribute to this characteristic of our new, modern and efficient facilities."

I am searching for Indianapolis babies to be the subjects of this body of work.


  • Baby must be 8 months or younger and not crawling yet.

  • The parents/guardians must sign a release that will allow me to publish your baby’s name and photographs which will be hung at Eskenazi Health.

  • Photographs must be taken before June 15, 2016.

  • Photo session must take place in my studio on the north side of Indianapolis.

If you are interested in being a part of this unique opportunity in which your child’s photograph will become a permanent piece of art that will inspire hope and happiness in parents of babies in the Eskenazi NICU, please email a photo of your baby and your contact information, including phone number, to

After I look at the applicants, I will contact you if I think your baby is a good match for this project.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Moonbug Photography baby model search Indianapolis

Moonbug Photography baby model search Indianapolis