School Picture Micro Sessions Febuary 22nd

School Picture Micro Sessions

February 22, 10:30-3:00 at the studio

School picture prices too!

It's time for school pictures on the white background again!  I hear moms tell me all the time that they just throw their child's school pictures in a dark drawer because they are not something that they necessarily want to look at again.  What a waste of money!  I feel like there's a certain nostalgia that comes with school pictures because they look the same as they did in the 70's.  I still remember my 4th grade picture....  It was 1979 and they gave you a little black comb to comb your hair with and then you put it in your back pocket.  My teacher must have not liked my cool hairstyle that I parted in the middle because she grabbed the comb and parted my hair on the side and then, "snap" the picture was taken.  The photographer even called me a stupid  name  like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island when I was really hoping to be called Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman was soooo cool.  I'll post that picture as soon as my mom can find it.

School pictures aside, these pictures can make great headshots for your child who is in the performing arts world, or they can just be for fun.  If you have a reluctant senior, you might be able to get them to do this:)

What is a “Micro Session? The Micro Session is a 10 minute photo shoot per child that is offered on a limited number of dates throughout the year. Dates and locations are announced periodically through email, facebook and the website.  Siblings can also get their pictures together.

Note:  It’s best for your child/children to be at least 2 or 3 years old.  Since we only have 10 minutes for each child to shoot, it’s important to set it up for success.  Families, toddlers who need a long warm up time and babies will do better with a regular session so we can relax and not have time constraints.

What does a Micro cost?

$20 per child  due at scheduling time to hold your spot.  Check this page for print prices.  Digital files are available too.

How do I schedule a Micro Session? A limited number of sessions are available throughout the year and are reserved quickly.  The best way to schedule your session is to email or call the studio.  The session fee is required at the time of scheduling to hold your spot.

How is the Mini Session different from a typical session? These sessions are 10 minutes per child long and have a specific date and location.  You will have at least 10 proofs per child to choose from.  Mini sessions cost $10 per child and regular weekend sessions cost $150.

A regular photo session provides a, custom portraiture experience.  These sessions provide a wider variety of images to choose from and more location options. More importantly, these sessions are designed around your needs, with more time to bring out your family and child’s personality.

How do I order images from the Mini Session? Approximately one-two weeks after the photo shoot, we will have an in-studio ordering session.  During this session, I will show you a slideshow of your pictures and help you place your order.  I have special software that will allow me to import a picture of your walls at home to show you exactly how your pictures will look on your wall to scale. What should my child wear? We will be using a white back ground, so bright colors and patterns look great.  You can look at my website for examples.  Stay away from plain white and black.  Don't worry about matching shoes or tights, I photograph them bare footed:)  Moonbug White Mini Sessions

The Fine Print

$20 per child reservation fee - paid at the time of scheduling, non-refundable. 10 minute per child session - if you are late, I cannot guarantee your spot. One outfit - please have your child dressed and ready when you arrive. Children should be 2 years old or older. Orders must be placed during your in-studio ordering session. No discounts, or special offers may be used with the mini or micro session. Purchased images are archived for one year (other images purged after 30 days).