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Boy Scout Trail's End Popcorn | Commercial Photography Indianapolis

Two YEARS ago I took the photos of the boys on the Trail's End popcorn packages that the Boy Scouts sell and they are finally out!! Last year the production of the new, more environmentally friendly, bags was postponed, but they are here now. They also put my photos on a few boxes. It was a fun project. The ad agency that hired me is in Evansville. They wanted to use a portrait photographer instead of a commercial one because they had trouble in the past getting natural looks from the kids. So they called me....

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School Picture - Micro Sessions

Due to popular request, I am scheduling school picture - "micro" sessions again this March. If you are unhappy with your child's school pictures, this is another option. Micro sessions are 5-10 minutes in length and are meant for ONE child only. You will have 10 - 20 proofs in a password protected gallery from which to choose your favorites. If you would like pictures of multiple children, you may schedule back to back sessions for each child. The sitting fee is only $20 per session and is non-refundable and required in advance to reserve your session. Contact me soon to schedule your school pictures, they book fast.

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