Gorgeous Senior

This young lady belongs to a good friend from college who drove down from Fort Wayne.  I love working with my friends, but they are the most nerve racking for me.  Yes, friends and other photographers.  I don't want anyone to be disappointed with their pictures.  But how awkward of a position would a friend be in if they weren't happy?  I don't want to do that to anyone, but I think it would be especially hard for someone I know personally to express themselves if they didn't like the results.  So when I post the proofs, I do a little prayer, "Oh gosh, dear lord, I really, really hope they like their pictures."  Maybe I shouldn't be publishing my insecurities on the web for the world to read, but these are issues one faces when owning a small business.  I know I like to support friends who own businesses. I think this one was a success.  We had a nice time and my friend and her family love the results.  Yay!! undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined



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