Designer Mom

This is my good friend Erin, her husband, Jason, and their beautiful new baby.  This shoot was extra special for me because Erin is not only a close friend, but she is an incredible graphic designer and blogger.  She designed my cool logo that I love.  Her website is Erin Vale Design if you want to check it out.  Our husbands are close too, so it's been entertaining for us to watch Erin and Jason go through a pregnancy and become new parents.  Our youngest baby is 7 now, so the memories of what we went through during that time in our lives is still kinda fresh.  Right now, Erin and Jason are enjoying the sleepless haze that comes with getting up every few hours to change and feed the baby.  And everything about their lives is revolving around this little, tiny human.  The next thing they'll know is that little G won't want them to give her a kiss when they drop her off at school.  It goes so unbelievably fast.

This next picture is not my best work, technically, but I just love the way Jason is looking at Erin.  He is just sooo madly in love with her.