Tricks with Daddy

I know I always say I have fun during my shoots, I say it because I really do.  But this was was really funny, we were laughing the whole time, so much so that my belly was sore the next day.  You'll see why too.  P was laying on his daddy's belly and they were having a great time.  Mom and Dad wanted to capture a trick they do at home with P they do all the time.  P lays on Dad's belly and Dad blows his beautiful golden locks so they fly in the air.  Then P gets to fly in the air and Dad gets a workout. I love capturing these moments!  If you are thinking of doing a session, whether it's with me or someone else, try recreating something special that you do at home.  This is what photography is all about for me.  You don't need a lot of props, just yourselves interacting with each other.  undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined