Unique and Fun Photo Decor Ideas

  Most homes have a lot of photos and frames sitting around. All of these photos encapsulate a certain period in time that you have chosen to remember, but they just seem to collect dust while sitting on the shelf in a boring, ignored frame.


Why not change that? Draw Attention to Your Favorite Photos! Here are a few clever and fun ideas to revamp your photos and frames.


One good way to get your photos to sing is to use them as a decoration. Many times, photos sit on tables or desks in plain frames, which is fine, but they tend to blend in with the banalities of daily life. This works for some photos, but others need something more. Start using your photos as actual décor, not inside of a frame, but make the photo the décor in itself.


Creating Photo Tiles

Go to the hardware store and by some pieces of tile. It is up to you to decide how big you want the pieces to be, and what color as well. Once you have the selected tile, the idea is to cut it in proportion to your picture; then, you can use an adhesive to stick the photo securely to the tile. The reason this looks so good is that, when done correctly, it looks as if the tile and photo are one instead of it appearing as if the photo is simply stuck to the tile. For the full systematic process, as seen on crunchybetty.com, click here. Just remember the old, yet important phrase: measure twice and cut once.


Photo Ornaments & Holiday Decor

Another great idea is to use your photos and make them into ornaments. I know, I know. The holidays are still far away, which means there is no better time than now to prepare! The possibilities with this idea are endless and completely up to you. You may choose to use a clear ornament. These are easy, as you can actually insert the picture into these ornaments. All you'll have to do is make sure you cut your picture to the diameter of the bulb. Or, you may choose a traditional ornament that you can paste your picture onto. Cut your picture to size, apply a coat of decoupage glue to it, and simply stick it onto the ball. You'll want to be sure you have it lined up correctly so the picture lies straight and even.


Whatever route you choose to go with your pictures is totally up to you. Let it reflect your personality. Get the whole family in on the project. Maybe even let them pick what route you go. DIY photo projects are a great way to get the family together for a fun activity, while utilizing the photos you have in a fresh and exciting way.