Awesome DIY Ideas for Unique Photo Frames & Decor

It's no secret that DIY projects save money, but stop for a second, and think about HOW they save you money. As soon as you realize the benefit of teaching yourself DIY projects, you'll begin to save more money, more often. For example, you taught yourself how to DIY photo frames, simply for fun. What you may not see is that you've just learned a new skill; you can make photo frames for gifts and decor, for years to come. This could come in handy for showers, birthdays, and weddings!

DIY Photo Frames & Ideas From Professional Photographers at Moonbug Photography

DIY photo frames are easy enough to learn, and they come out great! Something about a handmade frame adds to the sentiment of romantic photo or family portrait. Your options are limitless, but you can find some awesome ideas online. Pinterest, The DIY Network, and IMGFAVE all offer a surmontable amoutn of information, just waiting to inspire your next project!


Get Inspired with Some “Faved” DIY Photo Frame Ideas

1.       Place photos inside decorated glass bottles. Wine, beer, and juice bottles are great for this!

2.       You can customize any frame by changing the photo mat. Consider coordinating the color and style of your photo mat to the theme of the picture inside the frame.

3.       You can add a feminine and classy touch to any photo, by hanging it with a ribbon. Using a long ribbon, you can hang several photos together, making a collection of frames.

4.       Purchasing a base frame is another great idea. Once you have the base frame, you can look around for tangibles such as sticks, jewels, and seashells. Then, you can fuse the pieces to the frame using quality adhesive.

-          Photo Courtesy of The DIY Network