Performance Pricing

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Each performance is unique and comes with its own set of unique requirements.

I have been photographing recitals and performances for the Indianapolis School of Ballet for 9 years. Indianapolis Ballet performances and promotional photography.

Ballets include:

  • George Balanchine’s Serenade

  • Four Temperaments

  • Raymonda

  • Eclat

  • Who Cares, Coppelia

  • The Nutcracker

  • Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Swan Lake

  • Firebird

  • and many more…

Photographing ballet is my favorite form of photography. It’s also the hardest thing I do. When you photograph a ballet, you are working under the worst circumstances for a camera: low light, high speed and the preciseness of the art form. If you don’t catch the dancer at the exact perfect moment when the dancer is performing perfectly, the photo gets deleted. It’s a whole body experience for me. I have to feel the music that the dancer feels and anticipate the important moments by watching how the dancer moves.

Getting my equipment set up right, and feeling the energy of the music and the dance. Many people have asked me if I shoot in burst mode to get the hard shots. No way, that would mess up my timing. I get them by feeling the rhythm and energy of the performance, one click is all it takes at the perfect time.

I love learning from the dancers in the studio and when they are reviewing the performance photos. They are PERFECTIONISTS. Every part of the body has to be in the perfect position, it’s incredible. This level of attention to detail works well with photography! I love it.

Please contact Sonja directly to discuss you specific needs and desired images for your next performance.

Available to travel.