Kid Alphabet Fundraiser

This was a FUN project.  Liz Cannon and Caroline Seger came to me a couple of months ago with the idea of photographing the kids in alphabet shapes to create a poster.  Some inspiration came from photographer, Adam Bird, and Stepping Stones Montessori.  After hearing about thier plans at the BJE for a fundraiser, I wanted to help.  It took lots of organization and creativity, but I think the result is amazing.  This will be up for auction at the BJE Spring Fling May 15th.  It's a dry mounted 24x36. We all had a great time.  The kids were soooo sweet and cooperative.  The little ones were a little confused  [look closely at the W] that we asked them to lay down to take their pictures and the big kids [look at the U] really got into it.  The greatest part is that the teachers wanted to be involved too.  Look at the last line - could they be more dedicated?  They are the best!!



I set it up a little differently than Adam.  I put some 9ft white paper on the floor for the kids to lay on.  The background stand held the camera with a clamp directly over the middle of the paper.  We marked the paper so we knew where the picture frame boundary was.  Lights were high on either side of the camera.  I was going for flat light.  I also told them to have the kids wear bright colors and no white.  Oh, I also used a remote to trigger the camera.  It worked pretty well.