Faithful Family

I had the pleasure to photograph the Reese family again this week.  This was our seventh session!  I can't believe it, they were one of my first clients and you will probably recognize a few pictures from my website.  Since I have photographed them so many times, I feel the need to do a little recap.  Here's A in her mommy's belly:website150-2Here's A as a newborn:RE072350-2And at one month:REE30758 copy-2This one is about 6 months, it makes me want to say, "ta daaaaa."Reese5_07_235_PC-2This is around 9 months, we made holiday cards from this photo shoot:IMG_2589-3And the one year picture that I love:IMG_3013-2 Lastly, here are a few pictures from our latest session.  A is now 2 years old.  I can't believe she is such a big girl.  She is such a sweetie too.  Okay mom and dad, I'm ready for #2!JREE09_550Untitled-3

The girls always have to play with the

We decided to go to Holliday Park too.  I live close enough to walk there, so sometimes we shoot in the studio and go to the park after.JREE09_621-2


I always like to use the parents as "props."  They make better props than any fancy backdrop, costume or any other contraption that photographers buy.  I also use the parents to help get the expressions I want.  It's kind of like a team sport.  When we are done, we have all usually worked up a sweat.JREE09_746Thank you, Reese family.  It was so nice to see you.  I hope you like your pictures.  I'll have your gallery ready tonight.