What to Expect

BEFORE your session, contact Sonja if you have any questions or need guidance. Schedule your session and read the articles on my website on how to prepare for your session. Make any other necessary appointments for hair and make-up. Choose and/or shop for clothing and accessories. Come to your session dressed in your headshot clothing with hair and make-up done. This is especially important if you have a short session, we want to have as much time as possible shooting. If you have a longer session, bring extra outfits if needed.

DURING your session we will make our shooting plan. We will go back and forth between shooting and viewing and choosing your images. When we are done, all photos will be chosen and we will discuss any specific retouch requests. If you would like an online proof gallery to choose your photos at a later time, the cost is $25.

AFTER your session I will retouch your photos and send them to you via email, Dropbox or other file sharing program within 7 days.


FC Tucker Agents

Hello FC Tucker agents and staff! I look forward to working with you. This page will give you all the information that you need to know about how to prepare for your headshot.

All shoots will take place in my home studio near 64th and Springmill unless you contact me to make arrangements for a location shoot. At my studio, your photo will be taken on a dark gray background. During your session, we will take your photos and choose the files that will be used in your marketing pieces and your online presence. You will receive your photo(s) via email in 7 days or less.

Please avoid wearing solid black and solid white if possible. I understand that you or your group might have a certain color in mind to go with your branding, and that's okay. These are suggestions. It’s most important for you to look like yourself and feel comfortable and confident. Check out the helpful articles below to read about how to look your best for your professional image.


To best determine group needs, location and pricing, please contact Sonja for a 15 minute consultation call before you book any group appointment. Single headshots for the group can usually be taken at the same time.

RETOUCHING - It’s very important to keep you looking like yourself, so I am very careful not to overdo it and make you look plastic. Retouching might include, brightening teeth and eyes, removing blemishes, reducing shine, reducing wrinkles (but not too much), color correcting and cropping.


  • 24 hour delivery - $25 (excludes background changes, glass glare removal and braces removal)

  • Remove glass glare, remove braces - $15

  • Change the background -  $20

  • On location with lighting equipment - $125

  • On location outdoors without equipment - $75

Group sessions cost $150 with a limit of 4 people and includes one pose/image. Each additional person costs $25 and each additional image costs $25. Group sessions typically take 1 hour.